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Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole of web3!

White Rabbit is your guide through GATE ecosystem as we explore and innovate in web3 through series of projects focused on art, culture, gaming & experiences.

Holders of White Rabbit get access to airdrops, whitelist & discounted access for GATE projects and partner projects, access to private channels and voting rights for the community fund.

White Rabbit ZERO White Rabbit ONE
White Rabbit

GATE Web3 ecosystem

Holding the White Rabbit NFT (Collection ZERO or ONE) gives you access, perks and benefits of the GATE ecosystem:

Access to White Rabbit community fund

Commercial rights to use the White Rabbit you own in animated series, games, comics, apparel, merch or anything else you can think of

Access to private channels in Discord, rights to participate in the evolution of the story, including voting rights

Utility, perks and benefits in the GATE ecosystem, including: free mints, whitelist access, discounted presale access, staking rewards (in several projects on the roadmap), airdrops, partner perks, and more!

White Rabbit
White Rabbit

There will only ever be collections ZERO (765 NFTs) and ONE (8765 NFTs) that will have utility in the GATE ecosystem. Zeroes and ones, bits and bytes - what Metaverse is made of!



White Rabbit ZERO: Genesis collection that brought White Rabbit to life, with higher Tier utility in the GATE ecosystem.

White Rabbit ONE: Main White Rabbit collection allowing its holders to utilize White Rabbit for .

White Rabbit PFP: Cute 2D White Rabbit PFPs. Each White Rabbit NFT gts a free mint.

GATE Artifacts: Unlocking additional utility in the GATE ecosystem, GATE Artifacts are collectible items representing your digital footprint in the Rabbit Hole.


It All Sucks: Meme collection & merch brand reflecting on the current sentiment of web3, markets, politics & the world. Holders can earn commision every time their NFT is printed and sold on a merch item.

NFTFND: NFT Investor community with best in class NFT analysts, daily curated NFT news, NFT Trends, access to NFT Alpha, collabs, partnerships, and more!

Pocket Rockets: P2E NFT game with evolutionary roadmap, starting from an arcade game in Stage 1 that allows mining $ORE, evolving into a fully immersive experience in Stage 4. Pocket Rockets integrates other NFT communities providing them with opportunity to create experiences through tournaments, challanges & 1v1 games.


Nikis Pikis: Family-oriented NFT project. Kids draw their imaginable characters on paper and get converted into 3D Metaverse-ready NFT. Augmented reality mobile app integration, mobile game, and more…

Tree of Life: Auto-evolving trees that grow in your wallet and can be displayed in your digital or holographic frame. Plant seeds to get fully flourished generative trees that yield 2 more seeds, as long as they are properly watered. Highest quality art & animation. Planting a tree in real life for every tree NFT!

Metabots: P2E game, innovative mechanics & tokenomics. More info as whitepaper gets finalized and released in Q1.


GATE Launchpad: Beyond building series of interconnected projects in Web3 with focus on utility & value, GATE partners with clients and other projects in the space to help bring their vision to life.

With highly experienced and professional team, GATE covers everything from strategy to art, 3D, web design, blockchain development, branding & marketing.

GATE Academy: As though leaders in the space, GATE aims to guide newcomers as well as seasoned investors in their Web3 journey, through series of articles, market research, currated news & consulting sessions.

The Rabbit Hole is deep! #followthewhiterabbit


All projects within the GATE ecosystem are guided by the same set of principles.

We aim to bring as many people as possible on the journey of discovery of the potential of NFTs. Instead of creating an ‘exclusive’ club with a high barrier to entry, we aim to create an inclusive & positive environment for newcomers in the NFT space.

We believe that blockchain technology & smart contracts have the potential to do much more, and we intend to push the boundaries of innovation.

We thrive to bring utility to digital ownership, and to pursue opportunities to connect the digital space with ‘physical’.

We aim to create a community that collectively makes an impact, along with a professionally managed company & roadmap of each project within GATE.

What would the world look like if we didn't have a lot of fun along the way!?

White Rabbit


Andrej S.
Founder & Project Lead
Areeba A.
Areeba A.
Strategy & Operations
James T.
James T.
Creative Director
Mario K.
Mario K.
Tina A.
Tina A.
Rubem K.
Rubem K.
Juraj S.
Research & Analysis
Research & Analysis
David B.
David B.
Nina S.
Nina S.

Partnered with

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Marketing, Event Ticketing and Digital Transformation Company

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Web Development, Software Development and Design Company

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Blockchain and Smart Contract Deveopment, Web3 and Game Engine Integration



What is GATE?

GATE is the metaverse company being created upon the launch of the White Rabbit NFT. Together with the community, GATE builds the building blocks of the Metaverse - series of NFT projects with interconnected utility, focused on gaming, art, culture, charity and fun.

Who is behind GATE & White Rabbit?

A group of entrepreneurs and artists with successful ventures, including a marketing agency MyZone Media, software development agency AM2 Studio, and an event ticketing company MyZone Tickets. We have partnered up with web3 & smart contract development company Masterbrews, and with a 3D modeling/animation agency trusted by some of the biggest names of the game industry.

What is the value of the White Rabbit NFT?

As a utility token, White Rabbit NFT allows it's owner to participate in value generated as we build the GATE ecosystem. Holder of the White Rabbit NFT can join private channels where we make decisions and discuss direction together with the community, vote on how community funds are spent, get access to whitelists, discounted presale, partner perks, and airdrops. As we evolve the ecosystem together, opportunities to generate value will also evolve.

What is the community fund used for?

Activities and investments that will ensure the community is growing and thriving, it will be up to White Rabbit NFT holders to vote and decide. Some examples include organizing community offline & online events, funding community side projects, investing into other NFT projects, and more.

Where can I find more information?

Join our Discord and open a support ticket, or reach out to info@rabbitff.com.