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White Rabbit is the first iconic metaverse character, aiming to be larger than Mickey Mouse!

Holders of White Rabbit NFT get to utilize copyright transfer rights to use and monetize the White Rabbit character as they wish - through apparel, merch, toys, animation, branding, comics, games or anything else they can imagine.

White Rabbit NFT is also a utility token in the GATE ecosystem, giving it’s holders free mints, airdrops, whitelist & discounted access for GATE projects and partnerships, access to private channels and voting rights.

GATE is an innovative web3 company with the mission to build the building blocks of Metaverse - characters, spaces, items and experiences - through a series of NFT projects in gaming, art and utility.

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White Rabbit

White Rabbit Launch


General Sale

Jan 19th, 5 PM GMT




Pre Sale


Price at presale

0.06 ETH + gas

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White Rabbit NFT Presale

PRESALE ENDED!! More than 3400 White Rabbit NFTs have been already minted.

Presale required a Mint Pass and was distributed to early active community members and supporters.

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White Rabbit Collection ONE launch - holder perks

At every milestone during Collection ONE mint, new perks for holders are triggered

10% sold:
10 White Rabbit NFTs raffled to holders in days after launch

25% sold:
5 lucky holders get to build 1:1 White Rabbit with our Chief Art Director

50% sold:
$25K donated to charity, community votes

75% sold:
Land in Metaverse will be purchased for GATE headquarters, 20 ETH deployed into the community fund

100% sold:
10 ETH Giveaway to celebrate successful launch!!! Roadmap Activation, White Rabbit story unfolds

Collection ZERO: Sold Out! Limited Edition collections with only 765 NFTs, first ever appearance of White Rabbit on the blockchain.

Buy Collection ZERO on OpenSea

Utility: Only Collection ZERO (765) and Collection ONE (8765) Will have utility in the GATE ecosystem.

White Rabbit Roadmap

Upon successful launch, the story unfolds. We built the White Rabbit into a character so deep and layered it can sit side by side with Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.

Assets vault: Every NFT holder gets access to 3D models and other assets, and can utilize the commercial rights.

Apparel: White Rabbit will create custom high-quality apparel lines to increase exposure. Holders-only limited edition will be available, holders will have rights to resell.

Merch: White Rabbit will create its own custom merch, and aim to generate passive income opportunities for White Rabbit NFT holders through 3rd party partnerships.

White Rabbit 1:1 Limited Edition collection: Custom NFT collection will be created where every version of White Rabbit is completely custom tailored and unique.

Other White Rabbit NFT collections: As we expand the franchize, other custom collections will come to life such as White Rabbit Dancing! Only Collection ZERO and ONE will hold additional value as utility tokens. Zeros and Ones - that thing the Metaverse is made of!

Community fund activities: With successfully funded community fund, White rabbit will propose various activities within the community with the purpose to grow and expand exposure of the brand, including art contests, community grants, creative and fun activities with daily/weekly prizes, and more…

Partnerships: White Rabbit will attempt to keep growing the brand with notable partnerships within NFT space, and outside of NFT space.

White Rabbit

The journey of White Rabbit through the metaverse continues...


Andrej S.
Andrej S.
Partner & Project Lead
Mike S.
Mike S.
Partner & Marketing guru
James T.
James T.
Creative Director
Mario K.
Mario K.
Tina A.
Tina A.
Carmina W.
Carmina W.
Carmina W.
Jure B.
Carmina W.
Rubem K.


What is GATE?

GATE is the metaverse company being created upon the launch of the White Rabbit NFT. Together with the community, GATE builds the building blocks of the Metaverse - series of NFT projects with interconnected utility, focused on gaming, art, culture, charity and fun.

Who is behind GATE & White Rabbit?

A group of entrepreneurs and artists with successful ventures, including a marketing agency MyZone Media, software development agency AM2 Studio, and an event ticketing company MyZone Tickets. We have partnered up with web3 & smart contract development company Masterbrews, and with a 3D modeling/animation agency trusted by some of the biggest names of the game industry.

What is the value of the White Rabbit NFT?

Imagine being able to invest into Disney by minting a Mickey Mouse NFT back in the days!? As we build and evolve White Rabbit as a character, the value of the NFT is in the transfer of commercial rights. Owners of the White Rabbit NFT can utilize the intellectual property of the NFT they own to develop games, animated series, sell apparel, or in any other way they can imagine.

As a utility token, White Rabbit NFT allows it's owner to participate in value generated as we build the GATE ecosystem. Holder of the White Rabbit NFT can join private channels where we make decisions and discuss direction together with the community, vote on how community funds are spent, get access to whitelists, discounted presale, partner perks, and airdrops. As we evolve the ecosystem together, opportunities to generate value will also evolve.

What will the community fund be used for?

Activities and investments that will ensure the community is growing and thriving, it will be up to White Rabbit NFT holders to vote and decide. Some examples include organizing community offline & online events, funding community side projects, sweeping the floor, investing into other NFT projects, and more.

How to mint?

Minting will be available on our website on the day of launch. Whitelist will be available for early contributors, and it provide a guaranteed spot to mint the White Rabbit NFT during presale, and a longer time frame to mint. Presale details will be announced closer to the mint date.

More information about how to mint will be available on our website soon.

Where can I find more information?

Join our Discord and open a support ticket, our team is available 24/7.